About Anger Elimination

The average person can do more than manage anger, they can eliminate it!

imgGet Rid of Anger Now

I must tell you that I have been working day and night to get the following incredible information out to you. And the reason for that is that it will change your life for the better...forever.

"Because of my deeply insightful understanding about how to guide all sorts of people to happier and more successful lives, which I have been blessed to learn over many years, I can easily charge $200-$1,000 per hour to personally help them. ... and because of what I have learned about anger elimination, I 'm the best person to help you get rid of your anger Now!"

As an anger expert, because of repeatedly doing anger over many years of my life, and now eliminating it, I am living proof that the average person can overcome the limitations and losses he or she has suffered because of his or her core emotional issues! I not only effective control anger, I eliminate my anger from erupting in the first place.



  • For the past 35 years, I have been actively helping people just like you gain the personal mastery and happiness that they deserve.

  • I have taught thousands of people, in most of the states in America, in Asia, and in Europe, the secrets of happy and productive living.

  • I have overcome tremendous person limitations, to realize great peace and personal happiness in my own life and relationships.

I am very grateful for every great thing that I have learned about human happiness. But, I am not sharing this with you so that you will think that I am any better than you are. Because I am not better than you are. I'm telling you this because, with the innermost precious feelings of my heart, I want you to experience the amazing things that I am living. How could I possibly keep such a wonderful gift to myself? And the really great news can completely eliminate anger from your life and gain the inner peace and happiness that is your birthright!

"Here are some of the thoughts of just a few of the thousands of people I have helped with the incredible personal development insights that I have been blessed to learn throughout my life...these are people just like you who want to control anger and
increase the quality of their relationships."


imgHands down, the MOST efective thing that I learned from Dr. Nowell was "Anger Management". I am not one who gets angry a lot, however I back up if I do. I use the practice of applying the great anger elimination insight, and it actually makes me laugh thinking about it, instead of getting angry. I went for about a week after I learned this insight from Dr. Nowell, without getting angry in my usual get angry situations. When I finally did get angry, I remembered Dr. Nowell's simple but very effective tactic and was able to actually prevent myself from getting angry. While there are many things that I'll take from what Dr. Nowell taught me, this particular one sticks out in my mind the most, and has proved to be very beneficial to me in my everyday life.



Joe Race, U.S. Air Force-Europe


"I really, really like what I am learning about Controlling My Anger"

imgI think that I am a slow reader, and it has taken me a while to read through your "Anger Elimination" book. I really, really like it. As I read, I put the principles that I learn into practice immediately in my life...and that has made a real difference. I have made tremendous adjustments to the way that I think about and deal with difficult people situations each day as I have read more and more. One day I found that I wish I had read one more chapter the night before, because I needed to know and use what was there the very next day.

Originally, I thought of how to apply what I was learning about controlling my anger mainly to my relationship with my wife, but then I realized the things that I am learning will be very valuable in my more difficult business relationships as well. I have applied what I am learning in those relationships and I already see how that has improved things. And I certainly expect to have more and more success as I continue to apply these anger elimination principles. I have friends and other family members that I am anxious to teach these things to so that they can have more inner peace and happiness too. I have already improved some of those relationships beyond what I had previously thought possible.

What you teach in this book has even helped me "see" the things that politicians are hiding about themselves, that will help me make better decisions about who I want vote into government positions. Your book is easy to read, easy to understand, and immensely helpful to me. Thank you very much.

Less Smith, Businessman, New Port Richey, Florida

You can be free of anger!

I am committed to working with people who are committed to achieving happier lives! So if you're serious about becoming anger free, then I want to work with you to help you gain the happiness and inner peace that you deserve.

If you were talking with me one-on-one, you would gladly pay me $200+ per hour for my time with you, teaching you the anger elimination principles that I have learned over many years.  But I have realized that I can not talk with enough people soon enough through one-on-one consultations.

That is why I have written this book about anger elimination.

And that's why I've decided to put a very reasonable price of just $17.95 on this Book. It is not very much considering how important to your life it insights are, but it is enough to prove to me that you are serious about eliminating your anger or helping someone that you love to eliminate his or her anger.

I have committed several thousand dollars to getting this book into the hands of those who need it most, and will most likely spend several thousand more over time as needed to make it available more widely.  I believe that I have fairly done my part to help you.  Now it is up to you to get your own copy of "Anger Elimination".